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Chem Tankers Shipping the aim was to establish a reliable carry the Petroleum product . Through the years the shipping company has become an international operator under the name of Chemtankersshipping. Today the shipping company has a very contemporary fleet at its disposal, which carries a number of liquid products. The shipping company's first vessel was bought in 1985. The fleet has since been expanded and renewed continuously.
The Fleet The tonnage is continuously replaced and renewed in order for the shipping company to adjust to the opportunities of the market. At the same time this allows us to live up to the wish for a state of the art, reliable and competitive fleet. All vessels are of high standard with focus on safety, efficiency and environmentally sound operation. To an ever-growing extent the shipping company makes use of double-hulled

Market Chem Tankers Shipping has specialised in transportation of liquid products within 2 main categories: Petroleum and oil products • All chemical products. Operators ensures the optimal solution of our customer's need for transportation

Aims and Values Chem Tankers Shipping. aim to be a bonified and professional partner. This is why the company has big demands for the vessels which they operate and vast resources is spent in order to develop and attract a highly qualified and experienced staff at sea as well as at shore. In order to substantiate a well functioning quality control system and to ensure a continuously high standard, Bureau Veritas Quality Assurance certified the company's own vessels and offices according to ISM in 1998. Furthermore, the company's own vessels have been ISM certified since 1998.
In our actions and our dealings with others, what we understand from safety and environmental excellence is to implement below stated items:

achieve zero incidents and zero spill to sea,
seek to lower the environmental impact of our operations by reducing waste, emissions and discharges, minimize our impact on biodiversity, and use of energy efficiently;
Health, Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality Policy
Health, Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality Policy

We recognize that operations of our vessels have potential hazards for human health and environment. In order to create a safe and clean working environment in our ships and ultimately to achieve customer satisfaction, we take responsibility to train our personnel and to provide adequate resources. We respect the rights and dignity of all our employees, and we believe in sharing success.

We are committed to:

• ensure that all employees have high standards in respect of personal health and hygiene,
• establish safeguards against all identified risks,
• safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including emergency preparedness related both to safety and environmental protection by training, in line with continuous improvement
• conduct our business based on customer satisfaction, mutual trust and respect and then measure it.
• keep records, measure and analyze outcomes, devise measures to prevent
re-occurrence; to learn from others and past experiences,



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